Dean Stott is an entertaining and inspiring motivational speaker. With an underlying theme of adaptability to change – a subject with broad application in sports, business and life in general – he is happy to adapt his content to answer your needs.

Since leaving the Special Forces, Stott is now a renowned international speaker, presenting to Fortune 500 companies, sporting bodies, military departments, schools and businesses. Whether it’s an intimate Q&A or a 10,000-strong crowd at the O2, Dean delivers every time.


While his first-hand experience in the Special Forces gives him a rich source of anecdotes, Dean is much more than a battle-scarred, bullets-and-biceps warrior. He is a man who has learned how to adapt to change.

When his military career was ended by injury, Dean had to start again from nothing. Like many former soldiers, he experienced the shock of losing the structure he had known all his military life. Coupled with the change in his physical capabilities resulting from his injury, it triggered what he now knows was an identity crisis.


With the support of his wife, Alana, Dean started a one-man security business and began training for a Guinness World Record, in support of the charity Heads Together. With no experience in cycling, he broke not one but two records, becoming the fastest person to cycle the length of the Pan-American Highway (PAH) and the fastest to travel the length of South America.

Dean’s story is a tale of triumph over adversity, but crucially, it is one that anyone can relate to. Touching on his own experience of faltering mental health and his deep understanding of pressure, fear, ambition, adaptability and achievement, it is packed with lessons that can be put to use in everyday life.


Dean is also available for alternative formats including Q&As, event hosting and award presentations. He is particularly fond of interactive formats, where he can respond at length to questions. He is happy to combine formats, for example delivering a formal speech, then sitting down to talk more conversationally with the audience.

  • Learning to adapt to change

  • Planning for positive outcomes

  • Taking on the (seemingly) impossible

  • Adventure and exploration

  • Teamwork and leadership